is that people with mental illness everywhere achieve their potential and are respected as coworkers, neighbors, and friends.

Our Philosophy


is to improve the quality of life for adults who experience mental illness by providing social, educational and employment opportunities.

Our Programs

Welcome To Cross Hope Clubhouse

Cross Hope Clubhouse embodies the Clubhouse concept that is a radically different way of working in the field of community mental health. Most program models still focus on assessing a person’s level of disability and limiting the expectations based on that assessment, using teaching and treatment for rehabilitation.  At Cross Hope Clubhouse, and all Clubhouses, the expectations are high, and mutual work, mutual relationships, and meaningful opportunities in the community are the preferred way to order the day.

Four Guaranteed Rights:

A guaranteed right to a place to come.

A guaranteed right to meaningful work.

A guaranteed right to meaningful relationships.

A guaranteed right to a place to return.

Clubhouse Philosophy

Cross Hope Clubhouse is a place where members participate with dignity and respect. The members are wanted and needed by the Clubhouse Community. The participation by the members is essential to the function of the Clubhouse. Our Clubhouse community is built on the belief that every member can sufficiently recover from the effects of mental illness to lead a personal and satisfying life.

Clubhouse Programs

Cross Hope Clubhouse is a gathering place for hope, help and healing. Cross Hope Clubhouse is a community of people who are working together towards a common goal of supporting people living with the effects of mental illness. Our clubhouse is a healing and mentoring environment for people who have had their lives disrupted with mental illness, and need the support of others who believe that recovery is possible. The heart of Cross Hope Clubhouse is the “work ordered day” which is similar to typical business hours of our working community. This concept supports the idea that work related relationships are restorative and provide the foundation for personal growth and individual achievement and a strong sense of accomplishment. Participants are called members, not patients, and the focus is on their strengths, not their illness, Members and staff work together, as colleagues, in an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect, performing a wide variety of tasks necessary to operate the clubhouse. Members have a choice between three units in which they may work. The Cross Hope Unit is the Anchor Unit, where the search for knowledge and truth begins. The Cross Hope Unit is followed by the Culinary Unit, and the Clerical Unit.


The Cross Hope Unit is our anchor or foundation for existence. Members can come to the Cross for Hope and help for healing their brokenness. Members can learn about who Christ is and who they are in Christ.


The culinary unit prepares snacks and meals for members and staff.


The clerical unit is where members can use computers and work on the Clubhouse newsletter and calendar. Members can also work on clerical aspect associated with the daily operation of the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Board of Directors

Lisa Shepherd, Treasurer

Kathryn Coffey, MBA

Christopher Dalton, PHD

Cari Foote, M.A, PLLC

Tenisha Graham

Peggy Hoffman


Clubhouses powerfully demonstrates that people with mental illness can lead productive and satisfying lives.

They offer members:

  • A work-ordered day in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and encouraged.
  • Participation in consensus-based decision making regarding all important matters relating to the running of the Clubhouse.
  • Opportunities to obtain paid employment in mainstream businesses and industries through a Clubhouse-created Transitional Employment program, as well as through Clubhouse Supported and Independent Employment programs.
  • Assistance in accessing medical, psychological, substance abuse, wellness, and other community support resources.
  • Access to crisis intervention services when needed.
  • Evening/weekend social and recreational events.
  • Assistance in securing and sustaining safe, decent and affordable housing.

Contact Cross Hope Clubhouse

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Meeting 10/24/15

We will be holding a meeting to discuss the development of Cross Hope Clubhouse on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at 9am.

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